Kid's Sewing Teacher Super Start Up Pack and Kit


Teacher's Super Starter Pack

The Teacher Super Start Pack has truly everything you need to teach 2 one-hour classes a week for 9 months and have a total of $1790.00 left over for your pocket. After that, you only have your continuing costs, so your net income will go up dramatically, to about $4500/yr for 3 classes a week, with 6 weeks vacation time built in. The spreadsheet mentioned below tells the whole story. This is your turnkey classroom program solution.

First off, let's make sure you can pay for your Super Teacher Start Pack. Do you have $1750.00 available, either cash, paypal funds, or credit card that you are willing to use? If so, let's go on. If not, check out either our < = $299.00 Teacher Starter Pack = >, or our < = $59.00 Beginner Learn to Sew Kit. = > No point in salivating over the big package when you can start small with our regular Starter Pack and 4 students, and built up from there.

Now then. $1750.00 is a big chunk of change, so let's make sure you understand what you get for your money.

  • 4 kid-sized (3/4 head) real Sewing Machines with multiple stitches (not toys)
  • 16 Complete Level One sets for 16 students
  • 4 Complete Level Two sets for 4 students
  • 1 Complete DIRECTIONS Curriculum level 1 through Level 5 - Lesson 5 for the Teacher
  • Business forms and advertising help aids
  • Classroom posters and other classroom supplies
  • Less50 pricing on a future orders regardless of size
  • Shipping for this Super Pack in the continental USA
  • Complete set of quality basic tools and notions for 4 students
  • Listing at the < = DIRECTIONS Teacher Finder = > if you want it

  • This is enough supplies to teach 2 classes per week for 9 months. Then it will be time to order more Lesson Modules for your next six month's worth of classes. I've built a spreadsheet for you so you can see how it all breaks out. < = File superset2004oct.wb3 = > is a 2 page spreadsheet for quattropro v7/v8 or higher users. Right click on the file link and save to your hard drive. Users of other spreadsheets should be able to open or import the file. Page 1 (product prices) adds up the amounts of all the pieces in the Teacher Super Starter Pack and all the extras and discounts. Page 2 (class time plan) shows how many students and when, calculates the total net and cumulative income after paying for your Teacher Super Start Pack, and has places for you to type in the critical amounts in your classroom, like tuition and times if you want to change any of the basic rate assumptions. The worksheet also goes on to calculate your next year's net income of after expenses for teaching 3 classes per week.

    More Questions?

    First download our Book #73, < = "Start a Children's Sewing Classroom" = > for $4.00. It will answer most of your questions like, "How much should I charge for sewing lessons?" and, "Where will I get students?" It will help you think about how you want to run your business. Then if you have more questions, call or email me. If you order either Teacher's Pack, I can apply your $4.00 to the order, so it is a great value for you to buy the book and work through it up front.

    If you've decided that the < = Kids Sewing Teacher's Super Starter Pack = > is just what you've been looking for to get you on the road to teaching great kids sewing classes, then it is time to click on over to the order page. It has a more detailed list of all you get and secure ordering.

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