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Here's some other stuff that is diverse and defies classification. If you didn't find it on one of our other pages, chances are you'll find it here. If you still have questions, drop me a line & I will help you sort it out.

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First, here are 7 tips to help your classroom run smoother and be more fun that anyone else's - and they're FREE! It will be sent to you immediately at your email address via autoresponder. Be absolutely sure your e-mail address is correct, and set your e-mail receiver to accept mail from autoresponders! Then about once a month or so, I'll send you a newsletter issue with more ideas for your classroom and special projects for your studnets. Make the most of your classroom by starting your newsletter now. You can forward this page to other sewing teachers you know.

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Teacher's Planning Class

The January 2003 Class enrollment is now full and closed. The next class is scheduled for ?????. If you would like to be notified by email, go ahead and fill in the email box below, and click submit. I'll keep your address on file and let you know the details at least 30 days in advance of the beginning of the class. Remember, if your email address changes, you will need to come back to this page and sign up again, as I will have no way to track your bounced email notice. In the meantime, I highly recommend that you go ahead and purchase your own copy of our Book #73, "Start A Children's Sewing Classroom" for $9.00.

This is a nine-week class designed to help you build your perfect Sewing Classroom Business. All classes are conducted via email. Fill out the form below, making sure your email address is exactly right. Previous classes have been free. Students who have completed the course say that NOT ONLY have they learned more from this course than in other "train the teacher" courses they have taken (including nationally recognized full-day seminars), but that they WOULD ALSO be will to pay $250.00 to be included in the class.

Each week on Thursday, you will receive the complete text of one chapter of our book #73, "Start a Children's Sewing Classroom" in PDF format. I will be adding personal commentary about what you should think about, and specific action steps you should take. We will really be concentrating on just this one aspect of building a Classroom. During the week, think about your Perfect Classroom. List your ideas. Make your plans. Decide on how you will implement the Action Steps. Send an email back any time, or several times, before Tuesday noon, asking any questions and outlining your plans.

Here's the fine print: You have to participate! Prior students say that it's just like a real class, only without having to drive to the college. Each enrolled person who returns homework answers by Tuesday noon each week will remain in the class and receive the next lesson. Students who drop will not be begged to return - you know your life better than I do.

The second week has two steps: One, complete your tasks from week one. Actually do the things that you said you were going to do. Check each item off the list as it is completed. Keep notes about when you did it, did you make any changes from your original idea / plan, how long did it take, were there any obstacles, and anything else you notice. Send this information back to be shared with the class. The second part of week 2's class is a repeat of week 1, with Chapter 2 of book #73.

Each week I will include my personal commentary on the decisions that need to be made to have a successful sewing class. I will be adding comments and plans from the participants, although in the beginning it will all be kept confidential. As the class goes on, I hope for the participants to identify themselves to the other participants so they can build a network of sewing teachers they can count on whenever they need an ear or a shoulder.

There is no obligation to finish the class, although you will be letting down the other students by dropping out in the middle. We all get to know each other well and are sad to see anyone go. Drop-outs will simply stop receiving their weekly lesson and no further participation will be expected from them. At the end of class, all participants have the option of joining a private email list to continue their discussions and improvements of their sewing class. There is also no obligation to buy any of our DIRECTIONS lessons, or to actually start a Sewing Classroom when planning class is over. The only obligation is PARTICIPATION.

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