Do You Have Sewing Teacher Skills?


Kid's Sewing Teacher Skills

I hear many folks say they can't teach sewing to kids because their own sewing knowledge is limited. Usually they claim that they've taught themselves, so they really don't know the real rules. Or that since they can only make pillows, they can't teach a class. WOW! Check out this list of Teacher Qualities, in order of importance:

  • communication ( 3pts. )
  • patience ( 3pts. )
  • flexibility ( 3pts. )
  • firmness ( 2pts. )
  • organization ( 2pts. )
  • marketing ( 2pts. )
  • enjoys children ( 2pts. )
  • innovation ( 1pt. )
  • basic math / bookkeeping ( 1pt. )
  • sewing knowledge ( 1pt. )
  • Surprised to see sewing knowledge at the bottom of the list? Well, picture this. A fictional person, expert seamstress, well respected in the community for the awards won at fairs and contests and such, decides to teach sewing. She has all the knowledge one would expect. In the classroom, however, she is frustrated with the kids' demands to use the bathroom. Having a student at the ironing board, with a hot iron no less, drives her crazy. She barely makes it through the first class in a sweat, and cancels all the others so as to keep the hair on her head.

    Now picture the more communicative and patient fictional person, who barely can thread a sewing machine. Class begins, and all the students open to page one of their instruction books. As the students learn new things, she does too. Trips to the potty? "Remember to wash your hands," is the likely response from this person! Proper use of irons and shears are easily taught. Cool and comfortable, she is just as excited for next week to come as the students are.

    The same goes for male teachers, although we'll all agree that the majority of kid's sewing teachers are female (so far). Dealing with a classroom of children is a far more important skill than knowing sewing. That's what you have the DIRECTIONS curriculum for! We've already covered all the rules in minute detail and in logical order. Your students (and you!) won't miss a thing.

    Are You a Good Candidate?

    Rate yourself on each of the above qualities either YES: you got it, or NO: needs work. Assign 3 points for each YES in the first three qualities; 2 points for each YES in the next four qualities, and 1 point for each YES in the last three qualities. 8 or more points is enough to get started on; you can build up the others as you plan your ideal classroom. 5 to 8 points means you should build up the NO's before you start planning your classroom. 1 to 5 means you're probably better off in another career, unless you're willing to build up all the NO's.

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