Sewing Curriculum Checklist


Sewing Curriculum Checklist

You want a curriculum that makes less work for yourself, so you have more time to teach. Much of the material that I researched in developing DIRECTIONS is lacking in several ways. Here's some things I discovered when I started teaching, and set about to fix with the DIRECTIONS program.

  • The instructions needed to be explained to the students - ICK
  • Critical sewing information was hidden in a teacher's manual - BOTHER
  • Students were unable to do all their own work - AWFUL
  • Projects were haphazard and disorganized - UGHH
  • Same skills used for all projects - BAD
  • Garment construction skills neglected - BLECK
  • Hours of student learning & prep needed for first project - FUSS
  • Much ripping out needed due to lack of skill - HORRIBLE
  • Of course, DIRECTIONS solves all that! I started teaching kids in 1988, and quickly discovered the above-mentioned problems. For every class hour, I was spending 3 hours preparing! Every class period had a student in sorrow because they just couldn't do the sewing in a satifactory manner on their own. Then when I realized that others faced the same problems in their classroom, DIRECTIONS was born in 1992. Now here's the better way:

  • The student reads the Lessons and Instructions on their own - YAY!
  • Multi-sized patterns come with the Lesson. - HURRAY!
  • Students learn harder and harder skills with every class - WHEE!
  • Garment construction skills are featured - YIPPEE!
  • Teacher's planning book contains only business information - NICE!
  • Each sewing skill is introduced as needed - TERRIFIC!
  • Even the very first project is successful with no ripping - GREAT!
  • Students can perform all project tasks on their own - EXCELLENT!
  • Fitting skills are developed in advanced Lessons - AWESOME!
  • The Better Way

    DIRECTIONS Modular Lessons excel in all the above criteria. This means more time for you to develop your classes, bond with the students, and take care of business in general. A larger bottom line is the benefit - more net profit for the same number of class hours. With DIRECTIONS, unpaid time spent on project planning and preparation tasks is eliminated. Your prep time now consists of organizing the classroom, marketing, and bookkeeping.

    Each DIRECTIONS project is designed to teach a specific sewing skill. Each modular unit is sequential. Harder, advanced skills build on easier, basic ones. The simple early-level projects are completed quickly and easily. When advanced projects are started, the student already has a solid skill base. You could say it's like baby steps. Our methods reduce time spent ripping out unsatisfactory work, and eliminates the acceptance of substandard work. Every project turns out GREAT!

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