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DIRECTIONS modular sewing lessons provides you with the best combination of benefits.

  • Modular and Progressive
  • Patterns included with Workbooks
  • Complete flexibility in classroom structure
  • Work as much or as little as you want
  • Fits your teaching style
  • Excellent for home-based teachers
  • Retail stores can choose to hold classes or not
  • Adds another profit center

DIRECTIONS Modular Lessons excel in all the above criteria. This means you can use your teaching and business skills to develop your class schedule, bond with the students, and take care of business in general. A larger bottom line is the benefit - more net profit for the same number of hours worked. Without DIRECTIONS, you'll spend a large part of your work week finding suitable patterns, figuring out what the students are capable of making, and developing each project's instructions. With DIRECTIONS, you'll spend more time enjoying your students and making your classroom a fun and sunshiny place to be. Elementary School teachers don't write their own textbooks - why should you?

Every Lesson Unit contains complete and thorough learning materials for your students. No need to spend hours of your valuable time interpreting difficult instructions. The modular design of the Lesson Units means every student can work and achieve sewing success at their own pace. Students can do all the work themselves. This is Very Important! If you are comparing DIRECTIONS with other patterns, check to be sure your students can read the instructions on their own. Your primary job as a sewing teacher is to make classtime a fun and interesting social activity - not to spend classtime reading aloud. Your students learn faster, sew better, and remember more with DIRECTIONS.

Parents really appreciate the Objectives for every lesson. They can immediately see the progress their kids are making. This provides the ultimate educational enrichment activity. Students learn more and more with every class they take from you. They build a personal wardrobe or create gifts for friends and family. Learning to sew clothing is a skill every parent wants their child to know - just like bicycling and swimming. You can easily chart your student's methodical progress for all students and parents to see.

Throughout your classroom planning process, I'll be right by your side to help you with decisions and suggestions. Two heads are better than one! With my 25 years of sewing and teaching experience, and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration plus Minors in Retail Merchandising and Home Economics, I'm a great sounding board who understands what you deal with every day in your classroom. I'll never tell you what you *have* to do, but I love to bounce ideas back and forth. You're the only one who knows what's right for your classroom. I just provide the best instructions and patterns for you to use in it.

I can now offer DIRECTIONS teachers an excellent price on sewing machines perfect for kids learning to sew. For the ultimate start-up kit for teaching children's sewing classes, check out our new "classroom in a box" Kids Sewing Teacher's Super Starter Pack. These machines are not available individually.

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